Mrs Niki, the owner, focuses on quality and the use of free - range products. The area consists of a cosy environment with wooden decor and in winter time you can sit by the wooden stove, which is the only source of heat.

The word Meydani comes from the Turkish word "Meydan" and means an open space like a square with an excellent view! The restaurant Meydani will be able to take you back to an era of lost innocence where food was unadulterated and unforgettably tasty. Undoubtedly Meydani has been known as Pelion's paradise. It is located in Zagora in Pelion, 47 km away from Volos. It can held up to 70 people and the restaurant's balcony can offer you a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and famous Mt Pelion. On the balcony there are six tables for those who prefer to admire the wonderful view during summertime.